Dash of Destructon

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It is to be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace Wednesday 17th of December 2008 for free.

Game DetailsEdit

The game features three different ways to play, You can play the T-Rex Campaign and smash through cities to try and eat Doritos Trucks, you can play the Truck Campaign and try and get to the Doritos checkpoints before the T-Rex eats you, and you can play local multiplayer mode if you have two controllers.


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T-Rex CampaignEdit

Description: "Go on a Gamerscore rampage. Stomp, smash, chomp and roar your way through the T-Rex campaign." Level 1- Borderville, Level 2- Burbclave, Level 3- Hubcity, Level 4- Atomic City, Level 5- Capital City, Level 6- Happy Valley

Truck CampaignEdit

Description: "Dodge, duck, dip, dive and... dodge your way through the Truck campaign and get a fistful of Gamerscore!" Level 1- Merryvale, Level 2- Highlands, Level 3- Ocean View, Level 4- Atomic City, Level 5- Fry's Hollow, Level 6- Capital City


There are 12 Achievements which combine for a grand total of 200 Gamerscore:

Adrenaline Boost-Complete Level 1 of the T-Rex Campaign

Mike's Protege-Beat any level in a Single Player Campaign

Tough as nails-Complete Level 5 of the T-Rex Campaign

A New Hope-Complete Level 6 of the T-Rex Campaign

Destructomatic Rex- Destroy all Buildings in a Single Campaign Map

Hungry Hungry Dino-Eat 40 Trucks

Speed of sound-Complete Level 3 of the Truck Campaign

Supercharged-Complete Level 4 of the Truck Campaign

Speed of Light-Complete Level 5 of the Truck Campaign

Tricked Out-Complete Level 6 of the Truck Campaign

Employee of the Month-Make 40 Deliveries

Extinction Event-Win a Multiplayer game